Zack and Deborah Snyder were in Rome today, promoting their last movie Legend of the Guardians. We attended a roundtable with them and asked a couple of questions about the movie and about Superman, the reboot Snyder is directing after Sucker Punch.


How the adaptation of Legend of the Guardians started?
We began by filming the movements of owls and humans, me included, considering that they were filming me all the time. We tried to show the birds in an organic way, and we decided that the villains would be more similar to animals, while the good ones have more human characteristics.

Have you reduced the violence in Legend of the Guardians, considering the target of the movie?
It's funny, because I perceived for the first time that the violence supported the pure struggle of the hero, instead of being a more subversive violence, as happened in my other movies. I think here the violence is more organic and supports the hero's journey.

You were recently chosen as the director of Superman. What have you done to defeat other talented directors and what are you planning to do with this new version?
I'm not sure what I've done, it wasn't like a run race, which would have been easier to do. Anyway, I think that you have to do your best to describe this world and that the character of Superman needs to be relevant again, without disrespecting his mithology. That's my goal.

The general Zod will be the villain of the movie or it's just a rumour?
For now it's just a rumour.

Mr. Snyder also signed in a very "personal" way a Watchmen comic owned by our reporter, ColinMcKenzie:






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