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Arrived in Rome, together with his Thor movie and director Kenneth Branagh, all the questions for Chris Hemsworth during our roundtable interview revolve around the upcoming Avengers crossover movie. The young aussie giant is pleasant and full of details for as long as he knows about the production.

Not as his fellow shakespearian director whose mouth is sealed on everything exceeds his movie, even on the Hawkeye cameo: “I’m sorry I can’t talk about Hawkeye” are his only words on the matter.

So we’re left with Hemsworth whose excitment about the upcoming project is visible as he talks loud and clear on approximately everything he’s up to now.

Got the script?
“Yes, I received a lot of script and different versions. Now I’m waiting for the final one, it is supposed to arrive in the next few days”

Ok, so when is the shooting supposed to start?
“May. At least my part is scheduled on May, don’t know about the others”

I suppose still no reharsal all together or with the director?
“No no. The only time we’ve met was at Comicon and even at that time it was a complete suprise. I was there in the backstage and began noticing something strange. There was Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett, Chris Evans, Samuel… Then I realized, hey! Here we are! As soon as I realized someone pushed me on stage and there we were”

Tom Hiddleston said he has signed 5 contracts as Loki, what’s your number?
“Six! Three for the Avengers and three for Thor”

So what’s happening? Are you going to kill Loki in the fifth contract movie?
“Ahahhaha! No probably he meant 5 more contracts apart from the one for Thor”

Apart from Loki who’s going to follow Thor from this movie to the Avengers’ one?
“I’m sure only about Natalie. She will be in the movie as well”

Kenneth Branagh added that in Thor was supposed to happen was a love triangle with Sif: "a love in Asgard, and one on Earth but in the end it was too much for the first movie, so the decision is to go in that direction in an eventual sequel of Thor”.