Today, we've seen an original trailer of The Spirit, a footage of the movie and had the chance to speak with Frank Miller, who was in Rome to introduce The Spirit. What can I say about the stuff I've seen? Not so bad as I've read, but frankly I'm not sure that this mix of comics, noir and fun stuff will work. Anyway, that was my experience:

First, we saw a new trailer, at least one I haven't seen online. There are many new scenes in this one and I believe it's better that the latest one (not too much, but it's still an improvement). We start with the Spirit voiceover, then we see a woman that helps Spirit, Scarlett Johansson who says "we have to do something about Spirit" and a flashback with younger Denny Colt and Sand Saref. The last part of the trailer shows a large gunfight between police, Spirit and Octopus, which frankly is a bit excessive. Finally, Spirit says "I'm on my way".

Then, we saw a few scenes of the movie. Some of them (the fight between Octopus and Spirit, Sand Saref underwater) were already shown at Comic-con, so you know what I'm talking about. Instead, I haven't seen reports (but maybe I'm wrong) about these sequences:

  • Spirit answers a phone call. A man tells him that there is something happening in the swamps and Octopus is involved. Spirit jumps on the roofs, while the voiceover talks about the city. Then, he saves a woman and tells her she can trust MacReady in the police. It's an interesting scene, but I don't like too much the acting of the woman and the policeman at the conclusion, which seems absolutely fake.
  • We are in the laboratory and Octopus is working at a clone of him. Unfortunately, the experiment failed and there is a foot with an head directly attached on it. As obvious, his fate will be very sad. Frankly, I can't understand why the shoot an awful scene like this and, above all, why they're showing us, considering the other stuff it's not so bad as I thought.
  • The most important scene we have seen occurs when Spirit tries to arrest Sand Saref (we've seen a part of it in the trailer, when Eva Mendes' towel slips from her body). She doesn't recognize him, but he speaks about her past and about the fact she was a good girl once. Moreover, we can also see the corpse of Sand Saref's husband, who committed suicide (at least, that's what she says). This scene is full of clichés, but it works, even if it's diffucult to consider it very original. Anyway, we see briefly Eva Mendes' butt naked, so I can't say it's not an interesting scene 🙂
  • The last scene we've seen is similar to the first one. There is Spirit on the roofs and he says that his real weapon is the city. It proves it when beats two stupid henchmen, even with the help of a snowball (as Miller said, this must be the first time a superhero uses a snowball as a weapon). Then, he meets Scarlett Johansson's character, who seems to kiss him, but in fact makes him an injection on his neck…

Then, Frank Miller answered our questions. This is what he said:

I cant' talk about my projects, because I don't believe a movie is real until I see the title on the screen. There are many things that can go wrong. But I can tell you that I'm very close to begin Sin City 2 with Robert Rodriguez. We have to arrange a few things and we'll be back in action.

I adapted the Spirit to these changing times and now it seems more similar to my work. When I was in the director's chair, I had the feeling that Will Eisner was behind me, even if he's dead.

From the start, I learnt that in Hollywood being a screenwriter means leaving too much on the table. Instead, I love telling stories my way. A few years ago, Robert Rodriguez told me that tecnology has advanced and that I could draw my films instead of shooting them and so I started working on Sin City with him.

It was the first time that Samuel Jackson played a supervillain. I have to tell you, he's like an atomic bomb, every day I had to say to calm down. At the end, with all his guns, he seemed a Robot Transformer.

My favorite directors? I love people like Kubrick, Fellini, Frank Capra, Fritz Lang. I could go on and on, but I would seem a self-important fool.

I think there are many differences between comics and movies, but in some ways there are the same, as Robert Rodriguez taught me. A good story is a good story, a bad story is a bad story, that's the reason I talked about Transformers before (laughs). Nowadays, I'm not planning to make new comics, because I'm too much in love with making movies.