Poco fa è arrivata la notizia che, prima o poi, sapevamo sarebbe arrivata, ma che, in cuor nostro, speravamo di posticipare il più possibile: Stan Lee, il veterano della Marvel e creatore di tantissime icone della Casa delle Idee è morto all’età di 95 anni.

A comunicare l’informazione è stata la stessa figlia di Stan Lee: un’ambulanza sarebbe accorsa alla magione sulle Hollywood Hills nella prima mattinata di lunedì (considerato il fuso orario dunque poche ore fa) per trasportarlo d’urgenza al Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, dove è poi deceduto.

Chiaramente, i tributi alla memoria di Stan Lee, al secolo Stanley Martin Lieber, non si sono fatti attendere e sono arrivati da Hollywood, dalle star dell’Universo Cinematografico della Marvel, ma anche da quelle aziende che, grazie ai personaggi creati da Lee insieme a altre leggende come Jack Kirby e Steve Ditko (con cui diventarono altrettanto leggendarie anche le battaglie legali per la gestione dei diritti), hanno avuto modo di prosperare.

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I owe it all to you,,, Rest In Peace Stan… #MCU #Excelsior #legend #rip #stanlee #TeamStark ( ? @jimmy_rich )

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We lost some magic today. Stan will be missed. Rest In Peace my friend. Xojd

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Thank you for filling our childhoods with such joy. You will be dearly, dearly missed…

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Thank you great legend. You will be missed. I wouldn’t be here without you. ❤️??❤️

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You will be missed Stan. Rest in peace. ❤️

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This is how I’ll always see you, @therealstanlee: as our benevolent leader and king, smiling down from your eternal throne on the generations of imaginations you fed and inspired. You were the first creator whose voice I knew before I’d ever actually heard it. You dreamed up some of my favorite modern myths and created characters that instilled in me a moral barometer, teaching me right from wrong and showing me it’s always better to be a hero instead of a villain. Your characters represented us: yes, they had extraordinary, unbelievable abilities, but they were also reflections of a world we knew, where a Spider-Man is really just a boy who wants to help. You showed me how to interact with the audience whenever you stepped onto Stan’s Soapbox to reach out to the readers. You showed me how to advocate for my field beyond the actual art itself whenever you tub thumped for comic books outside of the medium. It was never enough for you to simply make a comic because you were a true salesman at heart. So you not only sold comics, you sold me *on* comics – so much so that I built a life and career around your dreams and ideals. When you did Mallrats with us, you not only made a lifelong fan’s dream come true, you also lent me comic book credibility that I still get to spend today. And whether it was for @comicbookmenamc or @yogahosers, whenever I asked to borrow your heat again, you were always there for me with a smile. Your love story with Joanie and your long, happy marriage always shined as an example of what I wanted for my personal life. I long admired (and emulated) your kindness and patience and sense of humor when dealing with your public. Outside of my parents, you were the one adult who gave me the most useful life skills I still use today. Thank you, Stan, for making me not only the boy I was but also the man I am today. You had great power and you always used it responsibly, fostering billions of dreamers who all know your name – a name written in the stars for all time. You were not just the literary titan of comic books, you were our modern day Mark Twain. I will miss you all my days, my friend and hero. Excelsior forevermore. #KevinSmith #StanLee

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With the greatest of respect ❤️

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